Franco Fayenz

“Extraordinary composer and musician and great sensitivity”. Beautiful music, modern but not hard, described as serious, educated and a lot of fun”! (Musica Jazz, march 1998)

Luigi Onori

Ample suggestions that soak his music from the classic influence, from literature to painted art, added to the ability for insight and open mind”

Arturo Stalteri

“Armando Battiston moves in a mysterious contaminated territory. Rather in a Panorama that varies, his universe is not only jazz, cult and electronic music”

Daniele Bergesio

Powerful dissonance of emotions, rushing accelerations overflow of virtuoso display spice repertoire that roams from Cahrlie Haden, Kurt Weill, Gillespie, Piazzolla and obviously his own compositions”

Gian Mario Maletto

Seems to leave on the furthest Italian jazz galaxy, Armando Battiston, striking, his impact on music is exclusive, the pieces he chooses are austere, very bold is his path. The Pordenone pianist is searching a new dimension for jazz, using…

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